About Dr Sally Chow

Dr Sally Chow

Hi I am Sally I have been an NHS doctor for 11 years and a GP partner for 6.
I am a mummy to two gorgeous cheeky little boys Finlay and Noah. Life for me is busy but fun. On my days off you will find me racing around the park or soft-play, trying to keep up with my kids!
I love being a GP and get lots of satisfaction from helping people. I run specialist Women’s Health clinics and I am also passionate about wellbeing and good mental health. 
In my skin clinics I love that I can take my time and get to know my clients and find out exactly how I can help.
I still genuinely get excited watching people’s faces light up as they see their results. 
I am a complete perfectionist when it comes to my work and a total self confessed geek! I have travelled all over the country and studied under Harley Street Consultants to perfect my skin techniques. It has taken me years to build my skills and I am always checking for the latest technology and advancements to bring the best treatments to my clinic. I find Aesthetics fascinating and as a woman of almost 40 I find it reassuring that we do not have to rely on good genetics to get great skin and age well. With a little work and the right balance of skin care and lifestyle, radiant looking skin is achievable for everybody.



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